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TransGays Advertising Guide

When it comes to advertising on The TransGays , we have several different options from which to choose. TransGays website is one of the most popular Escort site for transsexual , transvestite and gays 

we advertise widely in all areas of escort media and we have high rankings in most of the major search engines ( Google, Bing , Msn , Yahoo , Ask and more )       We receive 10,000-25,000 daily unique visitors, more than 150,000  page view and over 500,000 hits a day from all over the world,and that making us one of the hottest sites in the entire world for T-Girls and gays.

TransGays is rank in the top 10 in all Major search engines in the UK ,USA and worldwide for more then 50 relevant keywords

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And lot lots more keywords for Transsexual , transvestite and gay Escorts.

this can be your opportunity to increase your potensial incom baise on our expose to your bussiness .

This can translate into lucrative advertising profits. We charge a fixed monthly amount to advertise in certain areas throughout our site, 

You may purchase longer subscription terms than are currently available for an additional disscount. If you are interested in any banner campaign which lasts longer than 3 months, We will be happy to discuss a custom arrangement with you that will meet your needs and fit your advertising budget.

We are certain you will be satisfied with the additional exposure that our banner packages will bring to your website. With this pledge, if you are in any way dissatisfied with the results of your campaign at the end of your term, please contact us to discuss a plan to help you achieve the results you are seeking.

There are a variety of Subscription-based banner placement options available:

Site Page - Top Banner Ad (300x60) - Top banners are rotate with other advertisers at the top of EVERY page except on the home page and on users profile page. This spot is a very effective means of reaching all areas of the site. 

Site Page - Right Banner Ad (300x60) - Run randomly throughout the site, except on the home page, down the right hand side. 

Home Page -  Top Banner Ad (300x60) - 8 banner slots available, This is a static placement in high-visibility areas, which means constant exposure to all of our    visitors

Home Page - Right Banner Ad (300x60) - 10 banner slots available, This banner is ALWAYS visible on our home page and attracts excellent attention. 

profile page - top banner Ad ( 300x60 ) - appear on top of every user profile on the site. 



**if you don't have banner ,we will create one for you. ( for free banner, please attach you picture on the Browse )

**After you make  payment , We will review your request and place your Advert, usually  in the next 24 hours.


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**Looking for Exchange Banner with us ? Go To our LINKS DIRECTORY INDEX 

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